Whiterose.org Spam Policy

This document is for authorized users and account holders of mail services on whiterose.org. It explains what the administrators of the mail server at whiterose.org will do when contacted about spam. The contents of this document may change from time to time at the pleasure (or displeasure) of the administrators.

Whiterose.org is a non-profit hobby domain. Because the server has excess capacity, we are happy to offer mail services to friends and family. We do not give out our users' addresses to any commercial concern. We are anti-spam and will terminate any user who sends spam from a whiterose account.

We use a variety of Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) servers to prevent egregious spammers from sending undesired messages to whiterose.org mail accounts. If your mail has been blocked with a message telling you to "see (a web site) for unblocking details", that site will have information about how to secure your mail server and remove yourself from the spam list.

We report spam via Spamcop. You don't have to be a mail administrator to use Spamcop, and it does offer a free service, so we encourage end users to report spam themselves. We occasionally manually block open relays, but that's the only thing we do that you can't, and we don't always do that.

If you feel you need the the help of the postmaster to deal with a piece of spam, please follow the dos and don'ts below. If you don't, we may not be able or willing to help you.

We are doing our part to enjoy a spam-free internet. Please do your part too.

last updated 17 September 2003 by Ginger Stampley and Michael Croft